Triple Bottom Line

Economic Highlights:

  • The FGE Eagle Pines Project (FGE Eagle Pines I, FGE Eagle Pines II, and FGE Eagle Pines III) represents over $2.1 billion of direct investment in Cherokee County and the State of Texas
  • FGE Eagle Pines will create 3,450 MW of capacity, of electric generation capacity, creating enough electricity to power over 3.5 million Texas homes
  • Delivers high efficiency and high flexibility power to meet current and future power supply challenges across Texas helping foster both short and long term economic growth

Social Highlights:

  • FGE Eagle Pines represents over $2.1 billion of direct and indirect expenditures, over $200 million of additional tax revenue for the county’s tax authorities, and $5 million in annual wages for the facility’s employees
  • FGE Eagle Pines will create over 800 jobs during construction and over 40 permanent staff positions once fully operational (across Phase I, Phase II and Phase III)

Environmental Highlights:

  • FGE Eagle Pines will be one of the largest and most efficient facilities in the State of Texas, eliminating the need for numerous older and less environmentally friendly generation assets
  • Awarded largest Air Permit in State history by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
  • FGE Eagle Pines will utilize non-potable water supply for cooling system, allowing for drastically increased operational efficiency versus an air-cooled configuration while minimizing any impact on local water resources