The FGE Power strategy derives from our Triple Bottom Line philosophy. With each project we strive to optimize the economic, social, and environmental benefits to the local community and global society: an approach that establishes FGE Power as a pioneer in the evolving industries of clean renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure.

Triple Bottom Line


At FGE Power, we build mutually beneficial long-term relationships with strategic partners that share our core values. We maintain effective partnerships with world-class OEMs, globally recognized EPCs, and best-in-class O&M providers in order to maximize the effects of preferred pricing, shared development costs, and community involvement. These deep partnerships result in more efficient projects with greater equity returns for shareholders and stronger economic impact on local communities.

Triple Bottom Line


We work closely with local and regional stakeholders, as well as economic development corporations to promote short and long-term job creation with our projects. FGE believes that if we can improve the lives of those physically closest to our projects, this will serve as the core foundation for our current and future success.

Triple Bottom Line


A core value within FGE Power is our passion to build sustainable energy solutions with an eye toward an enduring relationship with local communities. Our next generation of renewable energy infrastructure, paired with high-efficiency and highly flexible natural gas plants, will replace the aging fleet of coal and nuclear power plants. To create a future with reliable energy and a minimal carbon footprint, FGE Power and its partners are leveraging the best practices and technology solutions available.