FGE Goodnight I

FGE Goodnight

Triple Bottom Line Highlights

Economic Highlights

  • FGE Goodnight Project (FGE Goodnight I and FGE Goodnight II) represents over half a billion dollars of direct investment in Armstrong County and the State of Texas
  • FGE Goodnight will create 500MW of capacity, generating electricity to power over 500,000 Texas homes (future expansions possible to further increase capacity)
  • Interconnects at a to-be-constructed mid-point tap on the 345kV Alibates-to-Tule Canyon Competitive Renewable Energy Zone (“CREZ”) line, with access to the North ERCOT zone
  • Delivering emissions-free, wind-sourced renewable power to meet the power supply challenges across Texas with short and long term economic growth

Social Highlights

  • FGE Goodnight Project represents over half a billion dollars of direct and indirect expenditures, over $50 million of additional tax revenue for the county's tax authorities
  • FGE Goodnight will create over 85 jobs during construction and over 15 permanent staff positions once fully operational
  • Provide technical job training opportunities in partnership with local and regional colleges/universities

Environmental Highlights

  • Vestas V136 turbine technology represents the latest and most efficient wind technology in ERCOT and the State of Texas
  • Vestas turbines benefit from advanced use of carbon pultrusions, resulting in light-weight, highly robust blades with optimal performance as well as industry leading product reliability
  • The  FGE Goodnight Project will avoid emissions of over 1 million tons of CO2 in an average year

Facility Facts:

  • Overview: 252MW Phase of Two-Phase 500MW Wind Farm
  • Location: Armstrong County, Texas
  • Capacity: 252MW
  • Generation Type: High Efficiency, Large Scale Wind Turbines
  • Technology: Vestas V136 3.6MW Wind Turbines
  • Fuel: Wind
  • Initial Operations: Winter 2020/2021

FGE Goodnight I - Partners

FGE is partnering with globally recognized, best-in-class international companies for the design, manufacture, construction, and operations of our power generation projects.

Key Partners for FGE Goodnight I include:

  • Vestas
  • IEA Renewable Energy
  • SWCA
  • Protos Energy
  • State of Texas & Governor's Office of Economic Development
  • Armstrong County
  • Town of Claude, Texas
  • Claude ISD